Evening Meals

eveningYou have travelled for hours or so it seems, and the kids have asked five hundred times ‘are we there yet?’, you have unpacked the car and put everything away, the kids have badgered you to have a swim in the pool , and then the last thing you want to do is to have the worry of preparing an evening meal. So why not sit back, relax and try our table d’hote.

Table d’hôte is a French phrase which literally means host’s table, this is ‘a menu where multi-course meals with limited choices are charged at a fixed rate’. This means that everyone sits round the same table and eats with the host.

In 2005 when the Bar/Tabac closed down we started offering meals on the day of arrival, because after a long journey the last thing most people want is the hassle of shopping and cooking for themselves. These meals proved to be very popular and we have worked out a formula that offers a very good meal, cooked using local produce where possible. We also offer a choice of local wines which is included in the price – after one meal we ended up taking a group of 21 people to a local vineyard because the wine was so popular.

We offer a starter, main course, cheese plate and dessert followed by coffee and including a carafe of wine for 20 euros per person. We are able to provide a vegetarian option as well. Children are charged at a lower rate. The meals are available every night, but please let us know in advance if you would like a meal.

Helen has a reputation in the village of being ‘La Reine de la patisserie Anglaise’, or in English ‘the Queen of the English cakes’. She has baked birthday cakes for people celebrating a birthday while staying here, has provided cakes for several functions in the village and at a recent craft fair all her cakes were sold within two hours and she took orders for eleven Christmas cakes. She has been asked by the Mayor to have cake stalls at the various events in the village. If you are going to be celebrating a birthday or a special occasion while here and would like something special just let us know.