Sadly like many small villages throughout France the weekly market in Parcay-les-Pins closed a few years ago. With people working away from the village and doing most of their shopping in supermarkets it is uneconomical for the very small markets to compete.

But though the small markets are not around anymore there are some very nice larger markets to see not far away.

Langeais Sunday Morning
Bauge Monday Afternoon
Bourgueil Tuesday & Saturday Morning
La Fleche Wednesday Morning
Chinon Thursday Morning
Noyant Friday Morning
Saumur Saturday Morning

Tip: When at a market be very careful of cheese sellers. They offer you a taste of the cheese and if you like it and wish to buy some they cut the cheese at an angle so it looks like you are getting a small piece, but you are really getting a big piece at a lot of money.

Always say how much you want and if they try to sell you more then walk away.

Apart from the markets there are ‘Vide Greniers’ which literally translates as ‘Empty Attic’ where you will find all manner of things for sale from the sublime to the ridiculous. These are usually held at the weekend or on public holidays. Just ask us and we will let you know where they are being held.